One of the best ways to bring entertainment into your home is by owning a home theater. Movies, Sports, Home Videos come alive on our crisp High Definition (HDTV) screen. Amazing detail in today’s projectors would make you feel that you have traveled around the world with Discovery Channel while you were comfortable and relaxed in your comfortable home theater seating.

What makes up a good home theater on the budget? You can walk into a big box retailer and pick up a projector, receiver, speakers, projector mount, speaker wires, and a screen. But you want to make sure that what you selected is not oversized or undersized for your specific environment. This is where most of the inexperienced installers make mistakes that end up costing the home theater owner or produce less then desired results.

Start with the theater screen. Ask yourself the following questions: where it would be located, what size should it be, how far from the screen you will be seating. These are important decisions. A wrong decision can have your neck tired by the end of the movie or give you a headache from rapid eye movement. It is important that you size your screen to the type of watching you will do as well as the overall size of your room. Materials used in projector screen are also important. We had good experience with both fiber based and painted screens and would recommend both depending on the room.

A projector is the most costly component of your system. While prices have dropped significantly, it is important that you pick the right one for your theater.

Key aspects of choosing a projector tie back to your home theater room. There are few considerations: How big the image projector needs to project, where it will be located in relationship to the screen, how bright it needs to be, and definition / clarity capability. The projectors that have the largest screen at shortest distance tend to cost more and produce far more superior results. Bright projectors compensate for the distance with brightness but tend to run hot and the replacement bulbs are expensive. Our advice is simple, buy only as much projector as you need for your home theater. You will save some cash, and will still have the best performance in your custom home setting.

Sound is an essential part of the home theater experience. Movie directors spend countless hours in sound mixing studios to ensure that in addition to what you see on the screen you have a sense of presence. May it be birds singing from rear channel right, footsteps from rear channel left, helicopter flying from front to back of the room, or as simple as high definition sound of football flying overhead. It takes professional design and calculation to make sure that speakers are placed properly, tuned to the right channel, and optimized to deliver just the right amount of sound. We start with speaker selection, it allows us to blend your home theater with your design, and tells us how much air we have to move in the room in order to deliver movie theater experience.

Once speakers are selected we follow strict Dolby or Thx guidelines in their placement and configuration. We test, calibrate and adjust them with spectrum analyzer to resonate with your home structure.

Receiver (also called amplifier) becomes a centerpiece of your system. We build systems ranging from one receiver to several ones (room size and air movement calculations). What we look for in receivers is frequency response, vendor reputation, reviews, and expansion abilities. If all checks out to your liking, the last thing to check is the ease of use. If you have to spend more than a minute to fire up your favorite movie we made the wrong choice of the equipment.

There are many other aspects of building a great home theater: Seating, Soundproofing, Source DVD, Gaming Systems and much more. Let us help you select the right components and you will be glad you did.

Selecting a home theater installation company is like selecting a home builder, the theater will be with you for as long as you own your home. We take pride in our work and will make your home theater building project fun, rewarding, and on budget.