Increase Square Footage With Outdoor Living

Decks and custom patio spaces have evolved to become additional living areas of custom homes. Many homeowners are expanding their square footage with living and entertainment space by allowing the home to extend beyond the doors onto decks or outdoor patios. This offers a variety of design ideas for additional amenities that you may consider […]

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Mastering The Master Suite

Building a custom home takes a tremendous amount of consideration and planning. This article will guide you in designing and planning your custom master suite.


You will spend a lot of time in your master suite, so take your time and plan this room right. The master bedroom is the third most important room in the […]

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Kitchen Essentials

The kitchen is generally considered the most important room in the house. Both in terms of functionality and resale value you will want to pay special attention here when you design your new custom home. The kitchen is often the hub of activity – the center of the home where everyone passes through or gathers. […]

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