Jeffrey Harrington Homes has been building custom homes in the Houston area for many years. We are centrally located at 610 and Westheimer, and build many of our homes in the finer neighborhoods of Houston. However, we also build in Harris and surrounding counties of the greater Houston area. Since our inception, we have completed many hundreds of homes, specializing in custom homes in the 3000 to 8000 square foot range, yet we are willing to build homes under 2000 and over 10,000 square feet.

We are a Design/Build company, meaning that we generally get involved with our clients at the very beginning of their project. The very early decisions in a project are generally the most critical ones and we can provide strategic guidance in lot selection, financing options, home design and finishes. We form our project team early and define the goals of the project, which become the focus of the team throughout the design and construction. Our design team, at a minimum, includes our client(s), the architect, our interior designer, and project manager.

We have worked with many of the top architects in the Houston area and try to match the project with the best talent for the project. Our clients will frequently have design ideas, pictures, sketches, etc. to convey what they are looking for in their new home. We then meet with the appropriate architect and review plans that they have done in the past. Often, we are able to modify a previous plan to meet our client’s preferences, yet equally often, a completely custom design from the ground up is the chosen path.

We are committed to building individual custom homes with a high degree of customer participation in the design and construction process. We believe that today’s custom homes must meet a higher standard than those of the recent past. The beauty of our designs speak for themselves, as seen here on our website. Each home is a reflection of our client’s vision and the creativity of our design team.

We are constantly evaluating new technologies to build superior homes. A major consideration, more and more, is to build a home that will easily withstand hurricane strength wind and rain. As an added benefit, we find these technologies can also result in much more energy efficient homes and can reduce insurance costs due to superior fire, termite and mold resistance. We also believe that our homes must be state of the art in the utilization of technology for home automation, entertainment, security, lighting, internet connectivity, etc.

We fully support the growing trend toward environmentally friendly “green” building. Various attributes of green building appear in every project we do. It is our firm belief, however, that our customer’s money is best spent in building the most energy efficient, structurally sound, frame and envelope. This design philosophy will then better support technologies such as solar heating and power generation, heat pumps, wind generation, etc.