Are you relocating to Houston?

Jeffrey Harrington Homes has worked on projects for clients in Australia, Afghanistan, Qatar, Dubai and Mexico. In several instances, we will have the home ready for move in upon their arrival in Houston. In others, we will have the design phase and permitting complete, so that upon arrival in Houston, construction will begin.

The process:

We have developed the process and the tools to enable our clients to monitor and approve the entire design and construction process with minimal face to face meetings in Houston.

Project Management (PM) Tools – See a demonstration on the home page. This tool allows our clients to remotely monitor their schedule, budget, e-mails, finish selections, change orders, pictures, etc. The PM Tools are used to document the design and construction of the home while providing an easy to use communication system and complete documentation package upon completion of the home.

During construction, we update all project information on a weekly basis using our PM Tools. We post the budget weekly as well, so our clients know where every penny is being spent.

A detailed project review meeting is conducted along with site visits during client visits to Houston. Final finish selections such as paint colors, countertop materials, cabinet design, lighting, plumbing, floor materials, etc. are done during a client visit.

Reasons to Build versus Buy an existing home:

  • Realtor Fees – You are paying a 6% premium over the cost of the home, three to the selling agent and three to the buyer’s agent.
  • Energy Efficiency – Unless the home is pretty new, less than 3 to 5 years old, chances are that it will be far less energy efficient than one built with the latest green technologies.
  • Architectural Style – If you can’t find the exact style you want, we will help you design it exactly the way you want it to look.
  • Location – Maybe you can find a home you like but not in the area of town you want to live in. We will help you find a lot or a tear down in the location you desire.
  • Costs – Right now in Houston, the construction costs are low. Interest rates are also near historical lows.
  • Flood Elevations – Recent changes in the base flood elevations are requiring homes to be raised in many areas of town and have also spurred the growth of new foundation designs that are less susceptible to high water.
  • New Low Maintenance Materials – The Houston humidity and heat can be tough on older structures. New man made materials such as cementious siding (Hardie siding) and resinuous deck boards (Trex, etc.) require very little, if any, maintenance and are considered life time products, much the way stucco and brick are.
  • New Codes and Standards – The new building codes have been proven to be very sufficient to withstand severe storms and have also proven to be very energy efficient.